1. Can I choose whichever spa I like?

Yes, the choice is completely yours as long as the spa is featured in the promotion. Subject to availability.

2. Do I have to purchase additional treatments?

No, you can visit your choice of spa and have your treatment completely free of charge, however, you can purchase additional treatments if you like you just need to pay the spa directly for these.

3. What facilities does the spa have to offer?

All spas feature different facilities, we advise that you check the participating spa venues for further details.

4. Do you have more spas than the ones featured in the booklet that I received?

Yes, it is always good to go through this website as we are constantly adding new spas.

5. How long is the offer valid for?

Please refer to your covering letter for the date you should book and take your spa treat by.

6. Can I contact the spa and book directly with them?

No, any booking made directly with the spa will not be honoured.